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Thread: wet wet wet..ireland

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    Hi today was not as bad as thursday...but there is more wind and rain expected for the next few days, Yes half ofthe city is without clean drinking water and they are trying to solve that.Major problem that I see here due to cut backs, there are no roadsweepers or men been out ckearing drains and unblocking the fallen leaves, so the water just pours out on to the roads causing flooding, plus we had a real wet summer.Plus when they build new parks some of them do not take into account drainage. Farners are very badly hit as there feilds are completely covered in water, insurnce companies are working flat out with extra staff brought in to cover the thousands of claims, which they expect to run into 100;s of millions. There is criticism over releasing water from the dam..but if that had burst then it would have been a whole lot worse.

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    Do you know anything about conditions in Lahinch, Co. Clare? I sent an email to a friend and have heard nothing which is unusual. Has the ESB shut off power in that area?

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    eileen we are still having very strong winds here, with more on the way with lots of rain. The west coast has had a lot of damage, I have relatives in killaloe and some of their neighbours can only get into and out of their property by tractor so I would guess furthur up the coast is worse. Type in irish independent and their is a picture of one poor guy with the water over his waist and his new house in the background...there are so many like him.If you know bandon,the river on the way to the town has widened so much its close to taking away part of the main road. It will be along time before people recover from the damage.

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    Also eileen if you go onto a web site called flickr photo sharing you will get alot of pictures of the city.

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    Thanks Muriel. It sounds like UCC should start offering Ark building as a course of study. So sorry the weather has yet to abate, and wishing you sunny skies ASAP!

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    Eileen, take care of yourself. Here in British Columbia we are used to rain, but it's been a crazy November even by our standards.

    PS mom was a Murphy, via Newfoundland, so a shout out to the Murphy's who are flooded

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