OK my deal is SIZE, freak mass with good symmetry, ease of preparation, simplicity and affordability.

Best foods for this are animal based protein, legumes with rice, clean starches, leafy greens, real whole grains.

Worst things are the 4 white poisons, tobacco and alcohol. More on these later.

Founding Principle “if your Grandmother would not recognize it as food, don’t eat it”

Eating periodisation- getting your game on.

First thing in the AM before coffee or tea, at least 20 ounces of water to re hydrate. Have your coffee either black or with half and half either brown sugar or stevia- no white sugar or sugar alcohols, no palm oil based creamers.

You want to eat every 2 hours, one complex carbohydrate and one protein source. This avoids spikes and crashes and keeps a steady flow of nutrients into the muscle. I use the terms from Lord of the Rings “first breakfast, second breakfast, first lunch, second lunch, snack, etc.”

So right after my first cuppa, I have a half-cup of oatmeal with a scoop of blended protein powder, zapped. That stokes the furnace and gets it ready to start processing. Within an hour I have one whole egg and 1.5 cups of egg white, whole grain bread like Pita.

2 hours later I have a pint of low fat cottage cheese and a banana.

Noon- 2 chicken breasts, brown rice or whole wheat pasta, salad or leafy greens, fruit.

2 pm, raw almonds

4 pm –pre workout meal, 2 packs or drained cans of tuna, low fat mayo, pickle relish mixed together, 8 oz pineapple chunks.

4:45 pre workout drink- I like VPX noShotgun.


Within 30 min of training I take in 3 scoops Cytogainer mixed with water.

8 pm Dinner Protein, sweet or tiny red potatos, or whole wheat pasta, greens, fruit.

10 pm 2 scoops blended protein in water.

2:30 ish My cell phone alarm goes off, I reach over to the night stand, chug a shaker of protein I put there every night, check my cath connection and conk out again.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Lubes your joints, keeps u regular, fights infections, prevents stones, speeds recovery.

When going after pure mass for powerlifting or off season gains, eat pretty much anything, just watch your animal fats. Mass equals strength.

Things to think of as poison and why.

White sugar- does nothing to carry nutrients, has no nutritional value of it’s own, spoils the appetite- addictive

White Rice- low nutritional value, no fiber, a fast carb that blocks protein synthesis. Triggers insulin resistance.

White potatos- same as above

White processed flour- Ditto

Tobacco- think of it for what it is: a highly addictive, lethal drug that cuts oxygenation, blocks hunger, is a cancer causing free radical in itself.

Alcohol- Destroys nerve tissue and the GI lining and liver, blocks protein uptake, converts into sugar which can trigger diabetes, can actually sterilize men and women with long term abuse.

Fats- the skinny

Not all fats are equal some animal fats are great, some awful, some vegetable fats are good, some not so much.


Fish oil (cold water, deep sea fish)
Cocoanut oil
Soy oil

Bad guys.

Beef and pork fat (lard)
Pure butter
Palm oils
Corn oil.

Good oils are high in ALA (Omega3), stay liquid at room temperature, and can lube your digestion up. Keeps your arteries smooth so plaques is less likely to stick and replenishes oils in your skin.

Bad oils are solid at room temp unless hydrogenised, saturated and make you fat, pure and simple.

This seems like a lot but if you are training hard your appetite will catch up , your body will adjust and you’ll find yourself hungry every two hours.

Next up- preparation.