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Thread: What barriers do you face?

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    Snow is a major barrier for me. Paths, if shoveled at all, that are only about a foot wide. No removal of snow where HP parking spots are located, making it impossible to deploy a ramp because of the huge snowbank it woud sit on. Sometimes the sidewalk is shoveled pretty decently, but they didn't bother to find the ramp, or worse still, piled it up on the ramp as part of the shovelling.

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    Finding a place to park is a big barrier. It would be very simple to designate just one parking spot for vehicles equipped with hand controls, this would eliminate or separate most other handicap sticker parkers.
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    My feeling like a Burden gets in the way of my asking for help

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    Vehicle modifications especially for quads are so expensive . Yet simple freedom seems like a major chore it can get frustrating . I could use a Wheelchair lift on my Van .
    Times are hard .
    I looked at prices of New / used handicap vehicles and they were out of my financial league .
    Used vans with lots of mileage Crazy but true .

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    Thank you all for your input.

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    College information desk and computer registration kiosk at shoulder level and parking a mile away. When it rains, my son gets soaked getting to the door.
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    I like the idea of only handicap parking for poeple who are equiped with hand controls. We talk about that all the time, especially when we can find any parking.

    Ya alot of college campus seem that way. The college we are at has done a good job of accesability. The disability service guy, his name is feared here. He has done a really good job of advocating for universal accesability. But when it rains, you get wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishin'guy View Post
    Hey, you live in Spokane, it's too damn hard to get around in the snow!
    I hear ya! In December of '08, it was literally impossible to push my chair through the 3 feet of snow we got in GH County. It would be neat if they made tire chains for a wheelchair.

    2 big problems I find are waiting forever to see whether your insurance is gonna cover a medical device you seriously need, like a wheelchair. Plus, there are still some cities that have no curb cuts and the sidewalks look like they have not been fixed since the 50's.

    (hereditary spastic paraparesis and L-4 SCI)

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    Barriers ... might just be a system broken beyond repair.

    Dear snowbear,

    I echo all the things about SSDI and Medicare contributed by others previously. The system is so antiquated I feel like I am being lied to every time I go into an SSA office or try to get assistance from State Vocational Rehabilitation. I briefly read the New Freedom Initiative and thought it would be GREAT (about 3 years ago). After 8 years of G.W. Bush I realize how clear the lip service was. I sat in some of the Social Security Administration's TTW&WI committee hearings and thought WTF?

    I wonder what is worse the lack for a Cure for spinal cord injury or the growing passive discrimination the SCI community puts up with each and every growing day. I just shook my head when the HIV+/ AIDS community was petitioning for handicap parking accommodations {if there is a mobility issue with HIV/ AIDS please SOME ONE CORRECT ME}.

    I wonder why I receive Social Security Disability Insurance but according to the IRS Schedule R (Elderly or Disabled Tax Credit) doesn't apply to ME. I love how between the SSA and the IRS Insurance morfs into INCOME and I fall below the federal poverty rate. I am confused how an illegal alien qualifies for food stamps because they "have it worse" yet as a law abiding citizen I have lesser income and my application is denied. I find it perplexing that under Trial Work Period I cannot earn more than minimum wage for a full time job other wise I will jeopardise Medicare which is critical to me because of my PRE-EXISTING CONDITION. I wonder if this citizen is being fleeced because I PAY TAXES.

    Rant or the way America is getting worse?

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