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Thread: Latex Glove Shelf Life?

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    Latex Glove Shelf Life?

    Do powder-free latex gloves have a shelf life? I currently have 1000 latex gloves and use maybe 5 a day so I have 200 days worth of gloves. My old lady claims the latex breaks down after a while and the gloves will split and crack. True or false. If long are they good for when stored in a dark closet? I pay $5/100 at BJ's Wholesale.

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    Depends on a few factors. How they are stored, climate, etc. I live in a hot, dry environment and it seems that the gloves stored in their opened box don't make it more than a month before you see holes in them, or they tear when you're putting one on.

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    Another reason we do not recommend the use of latex gloves. The amount of sulfur dioxide in your air (ie, smog) will be an important factor...higher means latex breaks down more quickly. Heat also has a significant impact.

    Vinyl and nitrile do not have these problems, and in addition, do not subject you or your caregivers to the risks of developing a latex allergy.


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    You gotta figure too the gloves are putting pollutants inside the air in your house as they break down, not sure how unhealthy that is though.
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