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Thread: big warm socks?

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    big warm socks?

    Anyone know where to get very big warm socks? I have swollen feet and get put on ordinary socks easily.

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    I wear hunting socks. Only my left foot swells up though. Also if you get in bed during the middle of the day for couple hours , that helps alot.
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    I love fleece socks (polyester fleece, aka "polar fleece"). I have an old pair made by Teva, but many manufacturers make them now. They should be on the REI website.

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    Carhartt socks are very comfortable and warm.

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    I found great socks at Wal-mart. They are made by Dr. Scholl's for diabetes and circulatory problems. They are big, they are black or white, they are soft and fluffy and seem to be warm. I love them most of all, because I can put them on easily, even with my quad hands.
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    Try Here's a link. Go to sock hunting or hikeg. See their wader socks (over the knee) used when hunting or fishing with waders on:

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