last Thursday I noticed I had a pressure wound about 2 cm to the left of my sacrum. The initial size was about 1 x 1 cm. It was about 1 mm deep. I immediately went to see the wound care clinic in my area. The doctor was not available (it was after noon) but a very experienced nurse was there. After examining the wound the nurse said I had a stage 2 pressure wound.

The treatment that he prescribed was bed rest (no pressure on the wound) except for showering. In addition I was to clean the wound every morning in the following manner:
1. Apply Prontosan (disinfecting liquid) for 15 minutes on the wound.
2. Clean the wound using the same liquid.
3. Place Silvercell over the wound.
4. Close the wound with sterile gauze (usually used for Burns)

after reading the forums I have increased my protein intake, as well as my liquid intake.

several years ago I had a similar pressure wound and at that time I was told to use Polymem to treat the wound.

Why is there a difference between this time and last time?
Is the treatment prescribed this time satisfactory?
Are there any other recommendations?

Thanks for the help,
Eitan Waks

PS the wound is getting smaller. It is currently about 0.5 x 0.5 cm.