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    My husband is isci 11yrs .He Just had surgery is still in the hospital had bladder cancer, I get a call from his doc that he got the pathology report and the cancer spread to his prostate He said he wants him to do kemo. what chance does my husband have with kemo, I dont have all the details yet about the cancer like the stage its in or how aggressive is it. they removed his bladder it was a long surgery nad now this any info please. being sci he is not the normal person or healthy . im worried

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    Hi exhale,
    I don't have any information beyond the personal, but my father had bladder cancer, went through chemo and came out on the other side doing OK. The only after effect he had was occasionally passing a sort of bloody clot in his urine because the radiation had burned the inner wall of his bladder. I am sorry you are going through this, and hope that things turn out well. Just wanted to let you know that my dad did fine with it all.

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    I know a couple of paras who have done well with chemo for testicular cancer, and a very potent cocktail of 3 chemo drugs is used for it. You need to get some insight into what kind of chemo meds will be used and their side effects. Obviously, your husband's overall health will affect the way he tolerates the chemo too.
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    You need to talk with his doctor, It depends on the type of cancer cells dif they are responsive to chemotherapy, radiation therapy

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