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Thread: Ketamine

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    Hi Andy,

    I don't like his program at all. I'm Cauda Equina, high function ambulatory. Pain is my biggest issue, nociceptive and CP. Bad enough I've been suicidal for going on six years, no hope in sight, no relief.

    Ketamine is primarily used as an animal anesthesia compound and tranquilizer. Human usage more infant anesthesia.

    In humans it is currently being used in several scenarios, primarily in research.

    Ketamine coma. Goal is to reset the mind/body connection, amputees etc. My doc's friend is running a funded research for this and asked for a comapssionate exemption and inclusion. The researcher said in no case has it shown any efficacy at all for CP/neuro.

    Pain med like opiates, typically insulfated (snorted) every 6 hours. I worked somewhat for a few months but dosage needed to be titrated yp so far it exhibited a near 100% disassociative state (Khole for party types). In the dosage I was taking >100mg per dose this is danger zone. In addition to disassociative states it may cause a psychotic break. Additionally in these doses it may cause vacoules in the brain, possibly permanent, and strips several key enzymes from the body.

    Life of K is nominally 5-6 hours so I don't understand his dosage / time.

    VERY inexpensive cost about $40 per month at >1,000 mg daily.

    I have stopped taking it as it has lost all efficacy for me at safe dosages.

    Don't know what to say but based on my usage and overall experience I could NOT recommend this program.

    PM me for some private info.


    The Ketamine Kitty

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    I certainly am sorry to hear of how much pain you are having. I seem to have forgotten which of the central pains you have. I remember the lancinating pain and I think I remember burning pain. What others do you have, if it is not too personal? For example, do you have muscle cramps, pins and needles, wetness. And do you have atopoesthesia ie loss of ability to locate skin surface precisely. What evokes your burning if you have it, eg. light touch, cold, other

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    Dej Thank you for mentioning "wetness" as a symptom. I have that sensation and it causes me to check my skin only to discover that it is dry. I did not realize that this is yet another manifestation of CP and have not thought to mention this to my doc. At least for me this particular symptom seems to be annoying and not as exquisitely painful as the others, but who knows, how do you sort it all out?
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    I went through a bout of feeling like I stepped in water with my right foot for just about 6 months then it subsided. I find now it seems to come and go with no real explanation for onset. I recently started taking a new med called Jurnista only once a day. Supposed to be a more controlled release of the medication for the entire 24 hours. Me thinks it is quite the med to get used to!?!? WOW. Just got approval for distribution in Canada. Reading up on it has given me a lot to think about. However without something for the pain I think I would go absolutely stir crazy. Not that a person wants to take medication esp. something that can have adverse effects on other parts of your body forever but until the magic wand comes around to alleviate all of our pain and suffering, we take what works.
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    I did not realize the level of your injury until I read this whole thread. I am fused at T12-L3 and I lived with the pain for 15 years before it started to eat away my ability to live. I didn't take medications long term because I was young stupid and did not want to be "addicted"....LOL

    Anyway, the past 5 years has been a fast descent into the world you are describing.

    I have the wet sensations as well as the cold and the mind altering burning.

    Thanks for the humor and explaining the Ketamine Kitty LOL I am hesitant to take medications simply because our tolerance wears off and we always have to up the dosage. I am a bit suicidal these days too so when my job and my animals no longer support my "longing" to be on earth, I think it will be the way I choose to leave here.

    I just get sick of having to deal with it and no one seems to understand how it controls my life.
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    Ketamine spray for Fibromyalgia,chronic pain

    I have been using this compounded spray for about a year,while I do prefer to use it , I can get off it, no problem. I never increase my dosage. At first 2 months,all my pain was gone, now it helps, it also help with depression,there have been several studies, and it helps relax. I carry out a very busy normal day on this. It has a really bad rap for over usage but used the right way, I think it has much less side affects than most medicine.

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    Thanks for your post. Would it be too personal to ask what the steady state dosage of spray is that you use. What concentration of Ketamine is on the bottle?

    Also, what side effects have you noticed.

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