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Thread: Ketamine

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    Having run out of pain management options I just started a ketamine program.

    My wife is worried I'll go bonkers on it and go postal

    Doc laughed and said with the minimal start up dosage we'll not be surprised by any weird behavior caused from a large dose.

    Has anyone here tried it?

    My doc only has a couple patients who responded well but they were hard core long term pain patients who have really come back to a more normal life.

    besides the gorilla sitting next to me said he'd help me out if i went nuts


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    Hey Bill.
    I don't know anything about ketamine program. What are the goals of the treatment? Is it just for 5 days? Or long term?
    I just perused this review article about Ketamine for chronic pain written in 2003. I thought people might look at this.

    Dejerine - this review says that they have tried this for intractable Central Pain. What is your take on this?


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    But first for the important question - What's the gorilla's name?

    Seriously, I really REALLY hope this helps.

    Here's an article on ketamine - but not sure if you're doing infusinos, oral, or gel

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    Nasal spray 4x a day. A bit irritating to the nose and tastes funky. No noticeable effects yet, good or bad.


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    Interesting, I hadn't heard of that. I really hope this goes well for you Bill.

    I'm interested for my husband as well, might be something he'd try. Although I told him I wasn't particularly thrilled with the prospect of a giant version of the "ketamine kitty" (we were joking).

    Ketamine is used often as a veterinary anesthetic, in combination with valium. The problem with kittys is that if the valium wears off before the ketamine does (oops) you have a hallucinating wild kitty complete with claws and fangs - not so fun for the vet, or the poor tech who has to catch the thing.

    Please don't view that as anything to worry about though, it was just intended as mildly funny - anesthetic doses are VERY different, and I don't remotely mean anything similar would happen to a human.

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    Ketamine Kitty

    TAM LOL !

    I do know a fair amount about ketamine, researched it first and am on such a low "start and see" dose there is virtually no chance I'd go KK.

    My wife also researches everything for herself and it made her nervous. I have my Samurai Sword collection out for routine maintenence and she was worried I'd go Samurai. Doc assured her not to worry.

    Can't say it has helped but the dose is too small. Next week I satrt to titrate up and then we'll see what it can do. Will post about it.


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    I figured you probably had, but didn't want anyone else who read it to be concerned.

    LOL re. the sword collection - this sounds like an exercise in "How many ways can we make Bill's wife twitch?"

    And now we have a new acronym - KK (only two of them lol)

    I'll be crossing my fingers and hoping for some good reports from you before too long.

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    After your story about tearing into the guy who parked in the handicap parking without a placard, I too was worried about you, Bill, going postal on Ketamine. Didn't want you to enter the 'K. Hole'.
    My fingers are crossed also that upping the dose will help you.

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    Wow, I didn't know Ketamine was used for chronic pain... I'll have to do a little research on it. I hope it works for you Bollefen!

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    Good luck Bill. I know you hurt badly.
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