Hi guys!

So i'm getting a new chair once I visit my docotor he will write up the script and what not. But i'm confused on the ordering process. Does the doc write the script saying I need a light weight chair for blah and blah reason and then the insurance pick it out or can I pick it out and submit it to the insurance?

I don't want them picking out some random chair that I hate, it seems all of you pick out your chairs and know what you want in the chair. I'm 5 years post had 1 chair and still don't know a whole lot about what I need or want. I just know I hate my current chair Quickie Gt!

The back rest is higher than I need now that I function more like a para rather than a quad, also the chair is wider than I need becuase there is at least 3 inches on each side that my ass take up

Do you guys recommend any websites that have nice chairs that I can maybe refer too?