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Thread: Foley catheters

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    Foley catheters

    Does anyone have any info on the pros and cons of a foley catheter?? I am a T-8/9 and I take oxybutin and it does work good but I tend to not drink as much because I am worried about having I thinking right about a foley or am I just being lazy and need to ber more consitent in my cathing..I do about every 4 hours but overnight I always have accidents....Thanks for your help...


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    Your not being lazy thinking about a Foley catheter. Problem with long term indwelling catheters are that you get infections a Whole lot easier, your urethra will deteriorate, your bladder will shrink. There are other medicines that may or may not work better for you. And like me, I've tried different meds and nothing still works. Waiting for a bladder augmentation with Mitrofenoff surgery. A urodynamic study of your bladder will help your urologist determine what the best options for you could be.

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    OHHHHHH, I did not realize about the long term damage, and I have had a urodynamic so I wonder if my doctor would even prescribe me a foley as I am only really wanting it for overnight and long trips etcc....thanks for that info!!!

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    Check out this thread. Good luck.

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    An indwelling cath is a portal or, opening inviting bacteria to enter your body to invasion. I would avoid it if possible and, just allow your sleep to be interrupted. You can always think about a nap during the day if need be.
    I refuse to tip toe through life, only to arrive safely at death.

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    I think its important to point out that everyones experience is different. I know many people who have used urethral foleys for years with little to no problems. I have been cathing for 25 years. I reached a point where I needed a break for a while and decided to try a urethral foley. I have used the foley for about a year and a half. I have had no infections whatsoever. I had them constantly with cathing. I get plenty of sleep now, which makes me alot more pleasant during the day! I can drink whatever I want. I take it out for sex, then replace it afterwards. I know longer have to race for bathrooms when Im out and about. I will probably go back to cathing at some point, but I honestly see no major downsides with the foley. Just my personal experience.

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    I'm with Para33 the pro's far out weigh the cons.
    I did the intermittent cathing through the night for the first 6 months
    it's crazy waking every 3/4 hours to cath. Destroys any kind
    of sleep pattern for you and your partner.

    I intermittent cath during the day and foley at night,
    I can drink as much as I like before I go to bed and through the night.
    If I want to lay in bed in the morning and snooze, no problem.
    Just have to wake in the night to roll over, and straight back
    to sleep. Added bonus is you have foley's available should you
    want to use them. I use a foley when I flew with a leg bag, made
    life really easy. Also nice when you hit the bars and you don't
    know if you're going to be able to make it into bathrooms.

    As for volumes I still intermittent cath 600cc - 900cc.

    Anything to make this lifestyle easier!

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    Thanks everyone for allthat info. Your right the sleep thing is killing me for sure, and I am crabby, but that could be just cause I,m sometimes a a-hole just because I am in a wheelchair. I have only been injured for a year and 1 month, so some issues sometimes but not as bad as I thought i woudl be!!! Anyway, thanks so much for the info and your help!!

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