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Thread: Betadine and Antibiotic Resistance

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    Betadine and Antibiotic Resistance

    I splash a little betadine on the mitro stoma after soap/water in the shower am/pm before cathing. I heard/read even routine use of antiseptics such as betadine can promote development of skin super bugs.

    Shall I stop? Just use soap/water. there's so much bacteria around the opening I thought to keep it extra clean would prevent the cath tip pushing the bacteria inside.

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    I don't think this has been studied extensively. There is a concern over products such as Betadine or even antibacterial soap causing resistance but I am not sure this has been proven--maybe the SCI nurses will know.

    I was reading an article that a hospital did a few things to cut down on infection--one was to get rid of the antibacterial soap and use a ph balanced cleanser and they cut the rate of infections dramatically. Part of our defense mechanism, in some cases, is to have bacteria growing that does not cause us to get sick, but keeps bad bacteria from taking root. When you kill this good bacteria, then the bad bacteria can take hold.

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    The research which was done many years ago showed that cleansing and scrubbing with soap and water while in one's normal environment for 20 seconds is usually as good as Betadine etc.....
    Occasionally use should be okay.

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    How about alcohol cleansing stoma? I have some horrible superbug no antibiotic regime will clear. I'm in agony & have been for 8 weeks now?!
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    Around the skin might be okay but alcohol can be very drying.


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