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Thread: New Incomplete SCI C5 C6

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    capricorn, keep that hard work going!!

    I'm a c4-c5 incom. 18months post injury. And been blessed to be walking with a walker. It hasn't been easy but still trying hard to improve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TURBO16 View Post
    well thats good you can walk again, do you have bowl and blatter back if you don't mind ma asking. I'm almost 3yrs post injury and i can barely move my wrist's. same level to.

    Yes for bowel and some return with bladder on Detrol LA and cath 1x at night.

    Exercise daily is the key and keep a positive outlook, and never give up on yourself. You can be whatever you will to be.

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    Jorge, best wishes, keep it up! Exercise, and never give up!

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    Well this is my first time trying this and I guess I'm trying to see if I can actually reply. I am an incomplete c 3-4 who can walk and has enough function to be a little embarrassed knowing most others in this forum wish they could be me. But there are still lots of problems so I decided to join anyway. Maybe I can help someone, and maybe someone can help me. Take care

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    Welcome to you both to thew forum! Post, read & learn, you'd be surprised at your results! There's a welth of information here & you'll learn a lot! No question is dumb, except the ones not asked - trust me on that, I've asked a lot of 'dumb' questions! Have a good holiday!

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    Thank you. I only recently first talked to a real live person with my type of injury. I found it helps to know you aren't alone and that someone understands some of the things you are going through. Accepting the pain and various other problems and limitations is no easy feat. Thanks again.

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    This Tuesday will be 3 weeks since the C5/C6 spinal cord surgery.
    Physical therapy has just begun this week upon transfer to a rehab.

    Extent of injury still undetermined due to "spinal shock".

    So glad to see the recovery and hope you are posting.
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    swh- I know what you mean about the 'survivors remorse'. Sometimes I feel guilty for having any complaints in the world given what other people have suffered through.
    These forums have been great for me to find though. I have learned so much, and as others have said, it's wonderful to find other people with similar experiences and issues.
    Do you have Brown-Sequart symptoms?

    ---C5-incomplete "walking quad", Dec.28,2005---

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    mcannon- Your name seems familiar, but it says you only have 1 post. I must be confused (not surprising).
    you are only 3 weeks post-injury? Wow, at that time I was on a ventilator fighting pneumonia and hoping to stay alive. I remember a couple weeks later (after being transferred and starting rehab) trying to type on the computer and not being strong enough to press the keys..
    Anyway, enough nostalgia. Welcome, and please provide updates, ask questions, etc as you feel willing and able. The more the merrier.

    ---C5-incomplete "walking quad", Dec.28,2005---

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    CrassPip, no it's more central cord syndrome stuff. I can do most things but have spasticity and central pain or neuropathic pain whichever you prefer and other pain, numbness, weakness, blah, blah, blah. But, I can have a rare few really good days when I almost forget I am hurt. I really want to increase the number of days when I don't think much about being hurt.

    I do feel guilty when I am talking to most other sci victims, cancer victims, Parkinson's Disease victims, etc. but I don't when I am talking to mostly healthy people. I guess it is all a matter of degree.

    Mcmannon, hopefully you will work very hard, have lots of hope, optomism, luck and determination, and someday have survivor's remorse too. I met a guy a few weeks ago who was shot 20 years ago, an incomplete c 5/6, walking with no pain or spasticity at all. That could be you!

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