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Thread: Just back from hospital with swollen legs.

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    Just back from hospital with swollen legs.

    Hello CC. family

    My legs were swollen for 2days b4 I went to ER for a scan... It was confirm I have a Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot (thrombus) in my left thigh.....

    I do have a blood filter in my right leg to prevent blood clots from moving to upper body, it was installed a day after my accident almost 2yrs ago.

    Anyway the doctor put me on blood thinners Coumadin pills 1x a day and arixtra 7.5 mg injections 1x a day for 4 days. I have a follow up doctor appt. in 3 days for blood work.

    My thing is my legs are still swollen and the doctor he didn't give me a time frame on how long b4 the swelling will last. My doctor said it was common for wheelchair users to get blood clots etc..

    The doctor told me I can go back to regular stretching and massaging in a few days.

    Any advice on how to get swelling down quicker.
    And the hospital stay was pretty good.
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    I lay on my left side alot maybe this cause this blood clot.
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    We allow exercise once you are on a stable dose of Coumadin. This may take more than a week, and you will need to follow a Coumadin diet as well. Be sure you get instructed on this.

    Why did they just put a filter in your leg when you were first injured? Normally they put the filter in your vena cava so it can trap clots from either leg.

    It may take months, if ever, for you to completely get rid of the swelling. Using compression hose (moderate compression) will help some. Once you are completely clot free, you can look into lymphedema treatment if you still have severe swelling. Of course as always, it is recommended to elevate your legs at night to minimize swelling.


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    Thanks nurse i'm happy for the info. My legs are so heavy my arms and shoulders are gettn sore b\c of me moving and transferring.
    Yeah the filter was installed early that's all i know. Anyway cold weather and thin blood is not something im lookn forward to .

    As far as diet they mention salads slow meds down, i do have more info. to read over.

    The hospital also did chest xrays and blood sugar checks all was fine. The injections was $800.00 for 4 vals with insurance i paid $150.00 hope i don't continue using lol.
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    Wow sorry for the blood clot. So glad it didn't travel.
    Take care & follow instructions good. God Bless you.

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    Take care of yourself.Hopefully all will turn out well.
    Be yourself!!!
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    Make treatment and you´ll be ok. I got rid of a clot recently.
    Good Luck!

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    Sorry I have no advice but am glad your home Chris, take care

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    Thanks everyone I seriously don't know how I got this blood clot, I mean i'm active, I eat healthly, I do pressure movements. I guess it comes with the injury glad I notice it and got treated. But I still have a ways to go. I came home and got dress and went to the mall that made me feel better.
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