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    Automatic Door

    I planning to have an automatic door in our new condo that is now under construction. This would be for the door leading from the garage into the home. I have looked at Open Sesame, Private Door and Day Elevator's Commander door. I am leaning toward the Open Sesame.

    However, before I lay out the cash, I would appreciate any feedback from owners/users of automatic doors. The brand you have, what you like and don't like, etc.

    Any suggestion and recommendations are welcome.
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    we have two open sesames and they work great,one remote with three buttons 1 overhead garage door,2 entry door between garage and house,3 front door of house.our son gets access to both floors of our house this way.

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    We use Power Access the residential model. It was much cheaper than any others that I found. We have had it for 3 years now, no problems. I just added the power strike this year. David has a remote on his chair, we have a remote in the kitchen and then we have a numbered keypad outside.

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