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Thread: Savella

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    Spoke with the Docs who made it. showed 0 efficacy in any SCI, Neur/CP/nociceptive usage. If it works for you it is as a rarity

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    PM doctor had me try it, and since my insurance does'nt cover it, I'm happy to say it does'nt work for me anyway. Lyrica did'nt work for me either.

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    savella use

    I have recently completed the starter pack of savella and did a week of 50am, 50pm. Was good for the relief of the pain, but very swollen feet and ankles. Cut back to 1/2 tab (25) once a day. Seems to work quite well so far. I'd give anything to get rid of the pain from the fibro and degenerative disc disease.
    Also had a C5-C7 cervical fusion done last June 8th 2009. Level C5-C6 is healing well, but C6-C7 is NOT and has it's own wrenching PAIN which I use fentanyl 50's and vicodin 5/500 for.
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    I was just diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis about a year ago. The pain is mainly in my feet now but goes up to my lower back time to time. My neurologist started my on Gabapentin and Cymbalta but it didn't have much of an effect on my pain and also caused a bit of a weight gain. I switched Dr's and the new Dr put me on Savella. I have the starter pack (12.5 mg, 25 mg then 50 mg) and I'm up to 50 mg. The nausea is pretty bad especially now that I'm on the 50 mg pill and I get hot flashes/sweaty.

    Transverse Myelitis is pretty rare but my Dr. says it feels a lot like Fibro. (which is why I've been put on mainly Fibro. drugs to try to treat the pain). I've lived without treatment, pain pills, and drugs that are aimed at treating the pain and I have to say that the Savella feels like it works the best out of all of the options I've been delt.

    If you're looking to try something new (especially if you're looking to get away from antidepressants/anxiety pills) to treat pain, I would suggest talking to your Dr. about Savella and/or Topamate. I am also on 100 m/g of Topamate a day for migraines but my Dr. says it can work with Savella to help treat pain.

    Good luck!

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