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Thread: Voice-activated software

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    Voice-activated software

    I am currently using Dragon Naturally Speaking, Windows 2000 Professional and the Telex M-560 microphone. I find it difficult to use when other people are in the house as it picks up noises other than my voice. Is there better software or a solution to this problem.

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    I doubt it's the software. You might want to try adjusting the levels on the microphone channel, or try a different microphone.

    Open your volume controle sliders, clicl options, then properties. Under where it says "Adjust volume for" select "Recording and click OK. Turn the microphone slider down some, that will make it less sensetive.

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    You may want to try a headset with noise cancellation features built into it. The ANC-600 may still be available at around $50. Good luck!


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    Any kind of headset with an electret microphone will work well. I got one at Wal-Mart for $10 a while back for using to play games.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    The ANC 600 is the best microphone that I have found/used to cancel out background noise.



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    I use IBM ViaVoice release 10 and used Dragon in the past. For me, when IBM reworked the speech engine and added controls for the background environment it seemed to help. It's kind of crazy though because from what I understand, IBM contracted with the dragon engineers to rework their software.

    I have tried 10 different kind of microphones and the cheap ones without the noise canceling features are junk. You get what you pay for in a microphone. The best I have found are made by Andrea Electronics, but telex and plantronics also have good ones. The Andrea microphones (especially the DA400 desktop microphone) is the best at blocking background noise but does not have much range. The telex M560 has the best range by far but it does pick up background noise.

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