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    I'm doing a couple of sessions a week in the gym to help my cycling and getting a little frustrated at the instructors (and at myself). Basically I am 0/5 below the knee with about 4-/5 hammie and gluts on one side. Everything else is pretty much OK. I have a lot of trouble trying to stand/balance on my weak leg even in an AFO - a lot of it is due to hip dropping on the other side and not been able to keep my hips level.

    Anyway the instructors keep wanting to 'strengthen' my hammie and gluts but most of the exercises I can't do and after two years of trying to do leg raises (gluts) or hamstring curls just lying flat on the ground (let alone weighted) and getting no where i am starting to get frustrated. The instructors aren't trained to deal with this sort of issue (pretty much an elite sports academy gym). Is there any good articles/books that anyone would recommend that explain what is going on and what may or may not work?

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    I think I talked to you briefly before. I have been trying to do some hiking to help with balance on my bad leg. And to try and strengthen my hip flexors because I also drop my hip. It doesn't bother my biking as much as my walking,but Im not at your level in cycling. Could you get a hold of a specialist P.T for some different exercises for hip and leg. Sorry to say like you I push hard but some stuff just isn't comming back. Wish you well
    P.S I picked up the new Shimano DI2 eletronic shifting because I can switch levers to control rear cassette with my left hand instead WOW its fast!

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    Good news on the Shimano. Not that I need it, but I'm getting the Di2 groupset next week and I've heard its pretty cool. Just got to decide what frameset to put it on. I know a couple of the riders with arm and hand control issues love it.

    Obviously strong gluts would help with power on the bike, but like you I actually feel pretty good on the bike - I think the seat supports the pelvis and then you have handlebars ot push/pull against as well. Guess I just get frustrated with inability to do things and not being able to explain it very well to the PT guys.

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    Hang in there what choice do we have I get really frustrated at normal bike riders that blaze me and don't have any idea about what I am going through to be out there and I realise I am out there Hooray for me. You will love the DI2 keep crushing those pedals they will cure us someday and you will be ready!!!!
    Your Friend Craig, post me on the DI2

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    L2R - I have the same problem with the muscles that are weak from nerve damage. My take on it is that for muscles to grow and strengthen, they need nervous innervation. Only then will they hypertrophy. Your hamstrings have probably increased as much as they can with limited innervation. Further exercise gets you nowhere. Well, that is my experience.
    I would love to get electronic shifting on my handcycle. Cool.

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