in the groin. Where the left testicle touches my inner thigh. It stays moist/damp at all times. If I don't keep the area dry and use AF powder 4 or 5 times a day it goes to the dreaded jock-itch within 48 hrs or so. I have sensation there and can feel burning/irritation when it's damp. My Uro checks me every year and can't find any cause, taken culture's for fungus, doplar, x-rays etc. He assures me the testicle is in good shape. Now with that said, background

This started about 5 or so yrs ago right after finishing supported weight treadmill work. Pt's were stuffing towels in the harness for padding, when I got up I told them I felt pain in my groin and then severe AD. That testi got smushed as well.

Any idea's ? nerve damage in groin from trauma, and if so
can a nerve be severed to stop the sweating like they do for excessive armpit sweating ?

I haven't asked my uro this cause I just thought of it lol.