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Thread: Woman passes 950th driving test

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    Woman passes 950th driving test

    A South Korean woman is celebrating after passing the written exam for a driving licence - on her 950th attempt.

    After four years of trying, 68-year-old Cha Sa-soon finally managed to secure the 60 out of 100 points needed to pass the test.

    The grandmother has spent more than 5m won ($4,200, £2,600) on application fees for the test.

    Now Mrs Cha, who lives in Jeonju, 130 miles (210km) south of Seoul, must pass the practical test to get on the road.

    'Don't give up'

    According to the Korean Driver's Licence Agency, the 50-minute written test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions on road regulations and car maintenance.
    Click here for the rest.

    Talk about persistence. I think I would've given up after my 900th time, but I guess after that many times why would I ever give up.
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    I saw this. It just cracked me up and then made me extremely grateful that she lives all the way over there in Korea.
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