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Thread: Hell froze over.

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    Hell froze over.

    Apple released iTunes for Windows:

    Remember yesterday... Live today... Dream about tomorrow...

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    Just playing devils advocate:


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    that has to be one of the most well thought out arguments I've seen, but for the majority of users out there, iTunes is a great program.

    the AAC = compression = crap argument is stupid. Sure, it's not audiophile-grade, but I run my powerbook through a pretty nice system with high-quality interconnects, & there's really not a difference between CDs & AAC-encoded tracks. I've heard some high-end systems that can really reveal the subtle nuances in recordings, but I doubt even 97% of users have access to gear that'll do that. AAC is a great format & I've ripped most of my CDs to it. A 128-bit AAC does sound reasonably close to a CD, IMO.... but I still agree CDs sound better. So much so that I can't enjoy digital files? Not by a long shot.

    re: the artist's cut of music... duh. This has been a problem for artists making any money for years. It shouldn't be argued where the majority of the money goes. The whole recording industry is focused with a business mindset. Artists have been getting shafted for years.

    iTunes works well for what it is. It's easy.

    That being said, I've purchased 1 song off the Apple music store. Most of the music I listen to is independent and/or grassroots stuff anyway... & those artists won't show up in anything mainstream like this for a long while.

    good points nonetheless. Thanks for posting this Lewis.

    ~ scott

    Remember yesterday... Live today... Dream about tomorrow...

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