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Thread: new uti symptom?

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    new uti symptom?

    I knew pretty quickly after the pain started this afternoon that I had a UTI (I typically don't have much pain and haven't had a uti in a while but whatever....) so after work I drove over to the health food store to pick up some cranberry supplements and stuff.

    A couple hours later I cathed and had a bunch of mucus or something clog up the catheter. It kind of scared me so I called the on-call uro at my docs office and he didn't seem to concerned. (I'll be going into the office tomorrow for a urine culture)

    Is it common for people to get that mucus or whatever during a uti? I'm still pretty worried. I've been cathing for about 4 years and never expereinced this symptom before.
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    Mucus is not unusual at all, even without a UTI. Although a lot more than you've ever seen is a likely indicator of a UTI. Mucus means the bladder is irritated. Have you over filled (distended) your bladder in the last 24 hours. I sometimes get it the day after a high volume cath.

    Push the water overnight.

    Good luck.

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    over filled...well yeah probably. I've had a couple of days over the last week or so where I've forgotten to cath for a significant part of the day. I can still feel when I'm full...sort of but if I'm not careful I can easily forget to cath. I think I went like 10 hours or more the other day without cathing. It's the number one cause of uti's for me and usually I'm pretty good about remembering to cath for that reason. But I've been really tired and busy and....

    There is a little blood in the urine too. Also a first for me.

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    Blood, like mucus, can be from overfilling the bladder or from UTI. If the urine is not dark red you can wait and watch for other symptoms (fever, chills, etc.). It it were me I would a least get a urine sample to my Uro so they can begin culuturing it just (which takes 2 or 3 days) in case you do get a full-on UTI.

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    I think it was KLD who said many UTI's come from a bladder that has been over-stretched because it was too full. The little blood vessels break or the lining of the bladder gets irritated from being distended. Anyway, I'd blow through a lot of water and cranberry juice and keep your cathing volumes under 300-400cc.

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    Interesting and good to know. I really do try not to go so long without cathing. I guess mucus and blood in the urine is not all that unusual, but it sure shook me up. I've been dealing with nerve damage for almost 10 years and just when I think I've got everything figured out something new happens. Kind of frustrating sometimes. Most of the time this stuff doesn't bother me to much, but lately I've been really frustrated and a little down.

    I spent all summer trying to find a neurosurgeon who was knowledgeable about adults with congenital tethered cords and was totally unsuccessful. Now I feel like my symptoms are progressing and there's nothing I can do. I feel stuck. Don't know where to turn for help or where to even start, there are so many issues to deal with right now.

    ...sorry, I needed to vent a little. This uti's got me feeling pretty lousy. I'm sure things will look a little brighter once I start feeling better.

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