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Thread: Found Life Insurance Finally - but at a price!

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    Found Life Insurance Finally - but at a price!

    So I've been looking for life insurance for years, was denied a couple times and couldn't find anything. I finally found a broker who cared enough to look beyond the standard companies and find me a policy. $190.00/month! which pisses me off as my broker said a quote for a person my age with obesity, family history of heart disease etc. basically the highest they would insure would pay 68.00/month.

    But I need peace of mind for my kids if I were to die...

    I'm going to ask my workers compensation to pay the difference as they are responsible for costs related to my injury. Worth a shot anyhow.
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    For sure they should pay the diff.

    I hope you get it covered.

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    Congrats Emi! and good luck.
    I've tried for a long time too but out of my ball park.
    I'm happy for you & your kids!

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    Good idea about workman's comp/ It is certainly worth a try.

    I only have what I had before I was hurt, which isn;t enough today. I can understand that I cannot get Long Term Care insurance with a disability, but like you said, they give policies to people who are far riskier than I am.
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    Yowza, Emi! I assume that's term life insurance -- what's the coverage period and benefit value you're getting for that?

    I was lucky in that one of the benefits of my LTD policy is that they pay the premiums for the $100k life insurance policy I had from the same company for as long as I'm eligible for LTD.
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    thats for 500,000 Canadian coverage, 20 year term.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    thats a good idea about work comp paying the difference ive thought about the same thing let us know how it turns out
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