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Thread: Question about parking at meters in NYC with a h/c placard

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    Question about parking at meters in NYC with a h/c placard

    Anyone know if I can park in NYC with a h/c placard without paying meter? What are the rules? If I can park without paying, how long?

    I should note that my h/c placard is from Maryland and I am not a resident of NY/NYC

    I know, I know. I'm crazy for driving into the city but just wondering.

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    Parking Spaces, New York City

    License plates for people with disabilities are available at New York State Department of Motor Vehicles offices in New York City. The state parking permit is issued by the New York City Department of Transportation, which also issues a special New York City disability parking permit available only for people with mobility disabilities who live, work, or go to school in New York City.

    The license plates and state parking permits are valid for use in all parts of the state except on-street parking in New York City. They are also valid for use in reserved off-street spaces within New York City such as in parking lots for shopping centers, offices, apartment buildings and school campuses. They are NOT valid for parking on any New York City street.

    The special disabled parking permit issued by the NYC Department of Transportation is valid only for curbside parking on streets in New York City, with limited exceptions. The NYC Department of Transportation includes a "General Information Brochure for Parking Permits for People with Disabilities" with each special disability parking permit they issue. This publication describes where holders of the special New York City disability parking permit are allowed to park, and where they are not allowed to park.

    New York City does not set aside reserved spaces on its streets for persons with disabilities. Reserved parking spaces are
    only available off-street, in parking lots for shopping centers/malls, office/apartment buildings and college campuses. You
    can use the state plates and permits to park in designated spaces in those off-street lots.
    The NYC Department of Transportation also issues a City permit (a rectangular dashboard permit) that allows persons with
    severe disabilities to park at most curbsides on NYC streets. City permits are issued to New York City residents and to people
    who work or attend school in NYC, and who have a permanent disability that so severely affects their ability to walk that they
    require the use of a private automobile. The New York City parking permit is not valid outside of NYC. To obtain an
    application for a NYC permit, call (718) 433-3100.

    If you have a certain severe disability that limits your ability to access or put payment into a parking meter, in addition to a
    mobility-related disability, you may be eligible for a metered parking waiver. The metered parking waiver allows the holder to
    park in a metered parking space in any city, town or village of New York State (except New York City) without paying the fee.
    For more information, see forms MV-664.1MP (Application for a Metered Parking Waiver for Persons with Severe
    Disabilities) and MV-664.2MP (Metered Parking Waiver Information). These forms are available through your local issuing
    agent and are also available at the DMV website:

    another important thing:
    no right turns on red, unless there is a sign.

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    Ahhh.... Bummer. So since I'm on a NYC resident, I have to pay. I looked at the link but it doesn't do me any good.
    That's stupid.
    Come to MD/VA/DC with your placards. You can park for free for 4 hours.

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    I've parked near a friend's house in Brooklyn Heights and left my car there for days. No meters, but you've got to pay attention to the posted signs - Most streets allow unlimited parking but only on specific days.

    FYI most Minneapolis/St Paul meters are free all day with H/C plates or placard and the ones that aren't (downtown core) have a four hour free limit.
    I think all Chicago Meters are free without restriction with H/C. Last month I parked near a CTA station for four days and took the train in. Two years ago I parked downtown just outside the loop for three days without issue.

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