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Thread: Anyone heard from Mimin lately?

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    Anyone heard from Mimin lately?

    I haven't seen her on here in a while. I hope she's doing ok.

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    Good question dt. I too hope she's doing well.
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    She posted on Facebook on the 3rd. of this month.

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    I hope she's well.

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    she's on facebook
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    I think like many probably just needed a break from here.Facebook is less dramatic ya know

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    That's cool. I may not post as much as some members, but there's a lot of people on here I think about from time to time and wonder how they're doing.

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    Funny--I was just wondering the same thing, today. Hope all is well with Mimin
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    Thanks all, I am alive and (not) kicking!

    I did indeed take a break from CC. No reason in particular but when you stop for a little, it's hard to get back into things, like missing a few episodes of a tv show. I am on facebook though so I keep up with ppl there. Feel free to add me!

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    Hi Mimin! Glad to know all is well!

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