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Thread: Bra problems

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    Bra problems

    I wear a 40DD bra. Finding a bra that fits and is somewhat stylish has always been a problem for me, but I have found two brands that fit well.

    I suffered a spinal cord injury at C5 fifteen months ago. My biceps, deltoids, and shoulder rotator cuffs do not work at all. Thankfully, everything else works, but now I cannot put on or take off a bra by myself. I have tried leaving it clasped and pulling over my head, as suggested in other posts. So far, I have not been successful. I have tried putting it on the way I used to: clasping it in the front and then pulling it around to the back--impossible for me to pull around.

    I have ordered two front-clasp ones online and found the front closures too difficult for me to work.

    I have googled bras for disabled women and have found several prospects, including one with magnetic and loop front closures, but they either don't come in my size or come in non-sized cups that supposedly fit cups A-D.

    I want to find a bra that I can put on and take off by myself so that I can be more independent.


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    Front hook bra, but have velcro attached to the two edges. Ignore the hooks completely and just velcro that bra once it is in the right place.
    You might want to buy a size larger (not cup) just length to accomodate the velcro.
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    We have discussed this before but I can't find the post.

    You might want to try sports bras that you can pull on over your head.


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    I bought a sports bra yesterday, but I cannot pull it down over my head and onto my body. I even tried the way I do shirts, which is to put the shirt on the bed, bend over, and then "inch" it down over my head and arms. With the bra, I had to really pull and I am not able to do that.

    I will try the velcro next.

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    I googled front-hook bras and arthritis figuring the hooks would be bigger. I found and ordered two. One came yesterday. Some success. Yes I can put it on and fasten the hooks by myself, but it looks very strange. My breasts look flattened but bulge out where the bra hooks together and the hook section is visible even through a shirt. End result is that yes, I will wear it at home but not out in public. Maybe the next one will be better.

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    I found a bra with front closure on the website of AbleData; they are based in New York:

    ‘The Complete Comfort Front Close Leisure Bra, models 1802 and 1803, is designed for wear by women who have difficulty dressing.’

    I get my bras form: Rigby and Peller, based in London. You can also ask them to make a bra for you: ‘….exclusive service that sees lingerie created specifically from personal measurements, tastes and requirements.’

    In Europe the bra sizes are a bit different on this website I found some nice conversion

    There might be a bra store near you that offers the same service.

    I hope this helps


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    Maybe a regular bra that hooks in the back, but besides using the hooks, you can replace it with velcro. However, you have to make sure that the velcro doesn't irritate your skin causing skin breakdown.

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    Well, I tried several of the bras and ideas that were suggested here. Some worked to some extent, but none were nearly as good as my own bras. I spent an hour with an occupational therapist to figure out how to put on and take off my own bra. Some success. She suggested that I order the next chest size up (not cup) to give me a little more wiggle room when I try to twist it around; I ordered some online. I practiced every day for a week and can finally put it on and take it off successfully each time without getting stuck. It takes about ten minutes to put it on the old way (hook it in the front, twist it around, then pull the cups up and on) and three or four minutes to take it off, but finally I can do it. It is wonderful to gain a little independence back.

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    When I was in the Hospital 3 years ago My mother bought me sports bras and they were great for 2 months after my back surgery

    Keep Smiling

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