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Thread: Accessible airline

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    I read an article last week that Boeing's new planes are going to have even smaller bathrooms! As a wheelchair user, air travel back in the 90's worldwide was a breeze in comparison to today. You're correct in stating that airlines would love to see us banned from air travel, what confuses me is a Ma n pops restaurant has to have an accessible toilet but the massive airlines can treat you like luggage and give you the middle finger whilst smiling!?!?

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    That is why the future of transportation in this country will be on the ground, specially high speed train like in Europe. However the oil companies and airliners will try hard for this to happen. They don't want us on the air? Of course. They are private companies and as such they care more about profit than the costumer. And we take time and space in their airplanes which equals to less money. The only company that would take care of costumers above all would be the government. But, NO!! That is communism. SURE.

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    Curt: The information your giving on air travel is wrong!

    We fly monthly with Southwest and they do an amazing job of getting us preboard, comfortable, and deplaned.

    Damage is minimal once in 5 + years and on several occasions we fly with 2 power wheelchairs one for street one for sand beach use and no extra charges!

    Our community is its worse enemy because we keep reposting and rementioning the horror story's of air travel vs the success stories so we scare each other out of traveling!

    Plus a lot of none travelers post input based on 3rd hand information but have never flown themselves!

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    I am a T6-T7 and over the years have had more problems with TSA than I do with any airline we have ever used. We normally fly with Southwest and they have been very good with dealing with my chair and making sure I have everything that is needed to make sure my travel goes smoothly. I feel if you plan ahead and let them know that you are in a wheelchair from the time you book until the time you get off that plane when you reach your destination. You have to be proactive and make sure you always make contact with the agent at the boarding gate and make yourself visible, you will usually be the first one on the plane and have plenty of help if needed.

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    I recently heard one of the major airlines will soon have accessible bathrooms.

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