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Thread: Accessible airline

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    Accessible airline

    Does anyone have the link to that air charter service that has the wheelchair lifts on the plane?

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    I doubt this is ever going to happen. They have been posting "starting soon" on their website for the last 6 years!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    I doubt this is ever going to happen. They have been posting "starting soon" on their website for the last 6 years!!!

    As SCI NURSE said. Don't hold your breath waiting on this. You will never get anywhere.

    On the flip side, if they could make it work (i do not see how they possibly can) it is a great idea.

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    iflymat bankrupt from what it looks like.

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    Not sure about any bankruptcy, but did you notice they added this to their website?

    * the FAA currently requires you to transfer to an approved aircraft seat for take off and landing, then transfer back in your wheelchair next to you.
    Since we need a lift to transfer my mother, this really doesn't give much advantage to using their charter service over a regular commercial flight where you also have to sit in a regular airplane seat.


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    On my wheelchair it states you can't sit in it when on a plane (my wheelchair is battery powered.) I was told it's a newer model (I received it last November ). So I am very doubtful they are going to do it.

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    Still not functioning. Suspect they will never "get off the ground", so to speak.


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    Air travel is actually becoming a lot more inaccessible. Southwest use to be great, wheel up next to the front row seat, flip up the armrest and transfer and slide over to the window seat with the flip up armrests in the middle. Not so much anymore, the newer planes they are all getting no longer have flip up armrests, they are fixed so it makes the transfer nearly impossible. I think they are trying to keep us off planes.
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    I'd agree Curt. Westjet is our Southwest in Canada. It used to be the same way where you could just go straight on and jump in a seat on the first row.
    Now they charge a premium for the front seat and so they don't just let you sit there..... some of the newer plane designs mean you have to use that horrible rickety aisle seat to get through a narrower opening to even get to the seats

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    Airlines can't say it, and would never admit it, but they hate wheelchair travelers. Look at the fuss they kick up w/ A/B's if their bag exceeds 20lbs... They charge extra. Think they like allowing a chair that weighs 15x that for free? They would be very happy if we were banned from flying.

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