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Thread: Anyone been on a Mexican cruise

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    Anyone been on a Mexican cruise

    Hello All, Wife wants to go on a Mexican cruise. We are looking at going on the 1/30 or 1/31 dates for 7 days.

    So far we are looking at either the Norwegian line, ship Norwegian Star or the Royal Caribbean line, ship Marinier of the Sea.

    Has anyone been on these lines? Accessibility is a concern for me. Any other suggestions woud be appreciated. Thanks, Patrick

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    Yes ive been on a caribbean cruise three times. Carnival isnt very accessable at least it wasnt 5 yrs ago. But Royal Caribbean is very accessable both times had roll in showers i shower from my chair than my wife takes it a part and she dry it. Ido not know if Mariner of the Sea has a roll in but i know Enchantment of the Sea and Radiance of the Sea do.

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    KLD is pretty much the resident expert on cruises and cruise lines Patrick. Hopefully she'll see this thread, or you might PM her. I believe her mother uses a chair.
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    I assume you mean Mexican Riviera (west coast) not the east coast (Western Caribbean).

    I would stick with either RCCL or Princess or Celebrity for accessibility. Carnival has smaller cabins. HAL is an option too, although we think their bathrooms are too small in their accessible cabins.

    When are you planning to go? You really need to plan at least 6 months ahead to get an accessible cabin. 12 months is better. Summer is really hot in the Mexican Riviera. I would recommend sticking to November through April. The Mexican Riviera also has a hurricane season just like the Caribbean, and it is generally August through early December. Did you actually find and book accessible cabins for those dates? We booked for our next one in April 2010 in late September 2009, and the selection was already very limited.

    If you decide to go, I can recommend some things to do in port. There are no wheelchair accessible tours available through any of the cruise lines that I am aware of.


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    I did Royal Caribbean way back in 1997 and was beyond happy with access! My ship was Rhapsody of the Seas. We were very lucky and got an upgrade to a outside suite with a balcony! SCORE! The bathroom was roomy and had a built-in padded shower seat that folded down from the wall. Our friends who also went, he is also a wheelchair user, had an inside cabin and his bathroom was large and just as accessible as mine. Even back then, the entire ship was super accessible.
    I hope to cruise again sometime in the next couple years to Alaska this time!

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    Ive also been on Rhapsody of The Seas and access was great. My only complaint was that the bed was a bit low, and I struggled getting off it. But once I explained to my room attendent, they immediately organised with maintenance to make it higher for me.

    I would easily do a cruise again, I just loved the idea of unpacking once, and getting to see different places. Plus the food was just divine!

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    We also found the beds on RCCL too low. Our cabin steward was more than happy to put an additional mattress on top for my mother's bed, which made it just right. On the other hand, I have heard complaints that the newer HAL ships (and those that have been redecorated) have beds that are too high! At least they aren't platform beds (would make it too hard to store luggage and unused bedspreads under the bed), since we have to use a mobile lift too.


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    Thanks guys, my wife got a hankerin' to go. She wants to go around Jan. 30/31 so not much time. We may need to change our plans. I know she wants to go on a cruise. We both just want to go somewhere warm for a week or so. Will let her know what's up from here.

    Thanks again and please continue the suggestions. Patrick

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    If you don't already have a good cruise-specialists travel agent (TA) then you may want to try using this website: . We have booked our last 4 cruises using this site.

    You put in a request for a specific ship/specific dates and type of cabin (be sure to put wheelchair accessible in the comments) and then various travel agents offer you pricing. It is all done via e-mail through the website. We have gotten some good deals, and it is just the same as dealing with a travel agent in your local area. You should ALWAYS have a travel agent (don't book directly with the cruise line ever) as you need someone who can access services you need and handle any problems with the cruise line.

    Also, there are invaluable resources and advice available on the Disabled Cruisers forum at


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    Thanks, KLD great advice. Patrick

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