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Thread: Seat Cushions for incompete SCI's........

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    I'm a big Stimulite fan, but I am currently using a Varilite Zoid, which is a much thinner foam & air cushion. You might to see if you can get a hold of a demo cushion to try sitting on for a bit. It's comfy, but not one of those super deep cushions you sink into. I usually use setting 2, lets me sink a little deeper (since I don't have much bucket on my chair).

    Personally, I feel like I almost need more positioning, because of strength imbalances I tend to end up kind of twisted and am always adjusting my position. The bright side to this is that it provides a chance for pressure relief when I might not think about it otherwise. You might not have this kind of issue at all, hence my recommendation to try it out. =-)
    I recently did an A-B mapping comparison between my Stimulite Classic and Varilite Zoid and was very surprised to discover that I mapped much better on the Zoid, a less cushiony cushion than the Stimulite. Also surprising, to me, was that I mapped better with the Zoid mostly deflated. (My chair has a carbon fiber seat pan.)

    Absent sensation I couldn't tell you which cushion is more comfortable, however, I've had friends sit on both and the winner is always the Stimulite. But the Zoid distributes pressure better for me, no hot spots, and eliminating hot spots, and potentially decubiti, is the ultimate goal.

    Selecting the best cushion for your butt can be counter-intuitive, which is why science -- Does anyone remember science? (Led Zeppelin reference) -- should be part of the decision making equation.

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    I am going to be utilizing my stimulite sport with the Marvel. I have been using it since I got hurt so hopefully it will work with the solid seat pan
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    Have you investigated an air cushion like those produced by Vicair? Do a Google search for "Vicair Adjuster Air" to see how they are made. In another post within the Care Cure forum, Mr. Wise spoke highly of this type of cushion (the "Vicair Adjuster Air" type of cushions).

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    I have a 'feeling fanny' and while not great for pressure in my case (then again, I don't register well for Roho's either), my Infinity (by Invacare) is pretty great comfort-wise. It's a foam cushion, well layered with varying-density foam. I also tried the Stimulite this week and my first impressions of it were pretty good. I plan on giving it a good look-over when they get it in for a trial shortly.

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