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Thread: new c4 incomplete

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    Hey man, all this is new for you and seem to have a very good knowledge of your injury. I am post 3 years pluss with fracture at L1 and a spinal cord compression. In rehab over 2 months, left with a walker and forearm crutches. It is a slow process getting things back, my left side is about 80% normal, my right side is about 45% normal. I walk alot around the house and office with no aid, outside I use a cane. Most of my problem is nerve pain, bowels I have regulated and most of the time can push it out with no help from my finger and I cath about 6 times a day. You routeen for health care lets you have half your life back, and there are meds for moods. Just keep working and get yourself a routeen and you will get most of your stuff back. As far as sports, man just look through this there are a lot of sports to keep you active with a handicap I will get you some info. Keep going and think of other things when you start feeling sorry for yourself, the only way to survive.

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    You must be going to the GF Stronge. I went there 36 yrs ago.

    It is probably one of the best rehabs going esp. with their hand program in conjunction with UBC and Rick Hansens efforts with SCI research.

    Work hard to maximize your potential. You are blessed to be where you are so take advantage of it; which it sounds like you are doing. Good Luck.

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    Stan, gots more video? Still cheering for ya.

    - K
    C5 Burst Fracture - Motorcycle - June 21st, 2009 - Father's Day.

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    hey guys,

    sorry havent been checking as often as i should have. life is definatley way differnt now. im back home and going to start driving and going back to studying in may.

    i will get more vids up soon haha

    i just wanted to thank everyone for the support!
    c4 incomplete
    brown sequard syndrome

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