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Thread: I think I have H1N1

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    Friend of mine took his 15 mos son to get vaccine from county on Friday - there were over 15K people waiting - some since 6am. They had run out before his son's turn.
    Hope Tamaflu does the trick.

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    Thanks guys! Well.. Tamiflu definitely lessened the severity and length of the virus (or maybe it's the placebo effect LOL). Don has not gotten sick yet... thank god. Thanks for all the thoughts and care!
    Love you guys!


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    It's so hard to know if it was the Tamiflu. Many people in Vancouver had the flu but it was quite mild. When it isn't mild, it's quite deadly.

    There is a tragic story of a lady here who went to the hospital by ambulance twice because she had H1N1 symptoms and a history of asthma. Twice they sent her home. They told her to breathe through her nose and take Tylenol! During her third trip by ambulance she died of cardiac arrest. And the tests came back positive for H1N1.


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