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Thread: teaching range

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    teaching range

    How do I teach a new caregiver how to range my legs? Hands I can manage, but legs are more difficult because they can't be moved too far, but have to be moved far enough (I hope this is understandable.) Prior caregivers knew from previous jobs.

    Any sites with good, printable instructions?

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    I have posted this here before. It is video, not handouts, so you can sit your PCA down at the computer and show them the exercises you have in mind:

    You can also obtain this on CD-ROM here:


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    gREAT question. Great answer.

    Thank you Alan. Thank you Sci-Nurse!

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    if you've got the room, i'd highly recommend a platform for doing this. you can make one with a 4'x8' sheet of 3/4 " plywood and topped with a gym mat of same size

    support at 4 corners, 1 mid way down each side, and 1 in the middle with 4"x4" posts.

    cut posts so final height, including mat, will be a level transfer

    i use my mat for everything, incl dressing, resting. easier for others to care for you as well. the bed should be used, imo, for sleeping only

    lie face down on it for 30 min to stretch out hips and give the butt a cool down, buy a special prone pillow with face cut out so your neck in relaxed, very restful

    screw strapping loops on the edge at various locations so you can pull yourself up

    i have three straps on one side

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    We use range of motion exercises on my husband, at least 3 times a week. Medicare allowed for physical therapy for a few months and we learned great stretching methods. We also use a massage table which makes it easier for the person manipulating Mike's limbs.

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