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Thread: Who plays computer games

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    Who plays computer games

    As much as I deny this to my hardcore buddies who wouldnt be caught dead playing games on a computer, I am pretty much addicted.

    Since I'm a quad, and I only enjoy multiplayer online games (where my competitive side rears its vicious head), the choice is fairly limited.

    I used to play RTS - Age of Kings, then mythology, then a long addiction to ultima online but latey I'm determined to find a way to play some fast action FPS games.

    Just wondering who else out there stays sane by immersing themselves in cyber games, which ones you enjoy and how successfully you manage to play them.


    Everyone is entitled to be stupid occasionally, but some people abuse the privilege.

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    I'm waiting for half-life 2 and everquest 2 to come out. I was playing Planetside and Everquest from Sony Online, but didn't feel that they were worth the monthly fees. Before that, Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 were fun games. I'd like to try to try SWG and Jedi Knights (XBox), but am to busy to commit right now. Fortunately, I have full hand use....

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    Check out TrackIR. I saw a video of a guy playing Quake III with this and he was kicking ass.

    I have good enough hand function that I still use a keyboard and mouse, but I had to modify my key bindings a bit. At first I fatigued real fast, but now I'd say I'm almost as good as I used to be.

    Right now I play alot of Battle Field 1942, mainly the Desert Combat mod.

    I used to play alot of Rainbow 6 Raven-Shield, but I haven't played it in a while. I even had my own custom armpatch while playing:

    I play flightsims too, mostly online or multiplayer coop with friends. A friend of mine brought his computer over last weekend, and we played a bit of IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles.

    And dispite my long history of playing voilent video games, I've never had the urge to go on a shooting spree in public.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    I've ordered the TrackIR - will write a full review for a) quad friendliness and b) game control.
    Cant wait to test it out.

    I tried Jedi Knight Academy but you need about 20 working fingers, let alone one for all the moves.

    Jim, your armpatch for R6 is simply classic. I've been playing return to castle wolfenstein which strangely enough is a completely free multiplayer version. I try make up for my slow movement by being extremely tactical and sneaky

    Never had the urge to shoot anyone or anything in real life either. Imagine that.

    Everyone is entitled to be stupid occasionally, but some people abuse the privilege.

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    I've played the TRCW Enemy Territory, but I played enough of the classic RTCW that I haven't gotten into it much.

    Have you tried America's Army, it's free also, but a HUGE download. It's alot of fun, but since I got BF1942, I really haven't played much of anything else.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Hey AO, if you like online games check out Dark Ages of hard to learn, but very fun once you online game, where you can group or fight against real life people...$10 monthly fee, but well worth it.

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    im really into the mech warrior series you get to pilot 30-100 ton robots and get to blow alot of things up. i use a joystick since i have full use of my hands, but the keyboard function is not to hard to get used to either.
    they keep me from wanting to go a shooting spree from a tower somewhere

    live your life as if it was your last because you never know what can happen

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    I been playing Delta Force 2 for over 3 yrs and its a great game if you like shooting/war type games.Black Hawk Down is another game by Novalogic and this game is only a few months old and its also a shooting/war type game.
    The only thing with BHD is you need a fast computer to run the game along with a good video card. Happy Trails Stiggy

    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"

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    Since I've developed chronic pain in my left hand, I have been unable to play computer games for the past three years. I did play on-line MS golf with others, and I was an average player. I would have liked to have played Quake or Doom on-line since I have cable internet, but I don't really have the time for games anymore. However, I encourage others and I think everybody needs to have a little fun.

    Things will really start to get interesting when more on-line games will allow gamers to talk to each other through headsets.


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    i used to play counterstrike and day of defeat before my accident and everquest. i continued to play everquest after my accident but being a quad i cant play fps games anymore, i quit playing eq after playing it for 3yrs. now i play shadowbane as i wait for a new mmorpg.

    can you play fps games with trackir? currently i use a trackbal for a mouse and i use my left hand with a pencil between my fingers to type

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