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    Support Group

    I am working on a Support Group for SCI injury people who are silent and shy because of fear etc...
    My mission is to get as much SCI neurological information and pass it on and Have coffee or something once a month at a gathering spot

    People need help and I am a people person so I am rounding up my knowledge and ideas and spoke to a local hospital recently on this topic and it is in the works .

    I find that because of serious SCI spinal injuries most people crawl into a coccoon and shy away from thinking positive because let's face it spinal cords are devestating when injured .

    Hopefully things will work out and I will meet lovely people .
    With that said ;
    Wish me luck
    Sincererly ;

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    Gypsy, sounds interesting and therapeutic. The notion of investigating each other for upto date info on stem cell breakthrus or progress reports is very good. We all have a desire to benefit from some breakthru and our focus will be one.

    Thanks and let me know what I might do to help.


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    I'm wondering where these meetings will be.
    Good luck!

    ---C5-incomplete "walking quad", Dec.28,2005---

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