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Thread: Dealing with this dilemna

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    Dealing with this dilemna

    Did anyone ever feel like crawling out of their bodies because of pain ?

    My mind is working overtime because the pain and spasms are just so annoying . I hardly slept well this past month . Sometime next week i'll make a dr appt and see if my physician could shed some light and help me some . Lyrica is not cutting it .
    I usually weather through these storms of my life but this particular dilemna is just a lingering calm before the storm .
    So I am taking it one day at a time and not giving up .

    Thank you for listening
    Sincerely ;

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    I'm right there with you. The bac pump does nothing, the neurontin does nothing. All I can do is focus on getting through the day or sometimes just the hour. Not a fun way to live, to be sure.

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    Been on a bad run myself for a while, Feel your pain. HAng in there!



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    Sorry Gypsy Lady. I am there with you too. Sometimes I get very depressed over how much I hurt, and that it interferes with a decent nights sleep almost always. Between the exhaustion and the pain it sometimes feels like just too much. Being a gimp is definitely not for sissies.

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    I thik if Tonight I crawl out of my body ( Mycrointernosynthesis ) I may be able to fit in my Conch shell I got from South Mexico it is a rather big new shell .

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