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Thread: Invacare TDX SR w/ Motion Concepts UltraLow System, Vent Tray & Sip-N-Puff Head Array

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    Wow and I thought I had a high tech wheelchair. If only all DME's showed the commitment to their clients that you've shown to yours. Bravo to you sir!

    The chair I'm currently using is an Invacare TDX5 with power tilt/recline, shear and legs. The drive system on this chair is the NewAbilities UCS1000 Tongue Touch Keypad (TTK) System. With nothing more than the tip of my tongue I can drive the chair, adjust the seating, make a phone call, operate my TV, computer/mouse, lights, automatic doors, thermostat and more. Unfortunately the company that makes this is now out of business so I'm going to have to switch to something else and you've show me some pretty good ideas.
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    Just wanted to say that I did order and have received my new chair that was built very similarly to the one you've shown here. Thanks again for the great ideas.
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    Invacare TDX SR w/ Motion UltraLow System & Sip-n-Puff Driving System

    Glad to help. I recently issued a sip-n-puff operated TDX SR with a Motion Concepts UltraLow system that I've been meaning to post. Lately, work has been extremely hectic and my CareCure time has been focused largely on finding out about the TiLite ZR/ZRA Series 2, so I haven't had much time to discuss some of the "other chairs" that I do.

    Started a separate thread here....

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    Impressive. The quality of life of the Vets concerned must have increased by leaps and bounds. Now, if only we can get someone like you over here to make the necessary adaptations for people with high tetraplegia.
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    that looks good! thats a cool thing you did
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    WOW, and ditto all the compliments to you, SCI_OTR, and best wishes to the end user!!
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    Invacare TDX SR w/ Motion Concepts UltraLow System, Vent Tray & Sip-N-Puff Head Array


    We have soap opera here in uk. Character has just got head control chair,yet no sip/blow tubes. Is this possible?


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    Yes it's possible, I have a asl head rest that has one cheek switch and all the headrest switches to.
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    Here's an ASL Head Array...

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    Have you had any issues with the Motion Concepts tilt feature?
    My husband had a chair like this built spring of 09 and the tilt has not been reliable.

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