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Thread: Are you getting the h1n1 vaccine?

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    Are you getting the h1n1 vaccine?

    This is a very perplexing topic.

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    not going to do it.
    Street Dreamz c.c. maryland

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    No, I still have my UTI so the doctor said not to get it. But my children have got it.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I got it yesterday. I initially chose not to, as I'm healthy and active, but I do have a diminished lung capacity due to previous scoliosis [corrected through surgery] and I also have a little niece whom I am in contact with regularly.

    There was a severe outbreak at my university, and actually, in our province, and healthy people, with no pre-existing conditions were becoming gravely ill with H1N1 and dying from it. We just had one entire school shut down in the interior because over 50% of the student body and faculty was sick with the illness.

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    Got the regular flu shot on 9/6 and the H1N1 on 10/20, as did all 4 other family members. No issues although the day after getting the H1N1 vaccine I woke up paralyzed.

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    Got the H1N1 and regular flu shot. Same day, different arms. All's well.

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    Got my seasonal flu shot in September and my H1N1 last week. No complications or side effects from either. My arm was sore two days with the seasonal, not at all with the H1N1.


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    I voted no because I'm quite sure I had H1N1.

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    I did get the H1N1 vaccine becuase I am a direct health care worker and I want to
    prevent any transmission to my patient and protect them from H1N1.

    I had no reaction from the H1N1 vaccine but had minor pain at the site with the seasonal vaccine.


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    I voted no only because I'm not willing to wait outdoors in line starting at 4 A.M. just to be told that they ran out.

    The county is giving a lot of them to the prisoners in the jails leaving people who are not in jail to be told that there are not enough to go around.
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