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Thread: Recent SCI, new to the forum

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    Recent SCI, new to the forum

    Hello to all. I am a 56 year old man who went over the handlebars of my bicycle in early August and sustained a hyperextension of my neck (along with cuts, bruises and four damaged teeth). I had a disk replacement and C5-C6 fusion the next morning. Immediately following the accident I had almost no use of my hands, but decent arm and lower body strength. OT and PT were started promptly and helped get me moving. I had the usual bladder and bowel problems, which cleared up (nothing happening on the sexual side, yet).

    I was in the hospital and in-patient rehab for about three weeks. All my therapists have marveled at my recovery. I now have about 80% strength in my left hand and 50% in the right, but can write, draw and drive. I've been discharged from my at home therapy and hope to get back to work (computer guy) next week. I am working hard to keep up the exercises.

    I am very lucky regarding the severity of my injuries, but I am annoyed and dismayed my the persistent neuropathic pain in my hands. Neurontin keeps it down, but it makes it hard to sleep and makes activities like reading and using the computer tiring. I hope I can learn more about managing this problem from this forum.

    I am thrilled to find a community of fellow travelers on this strange journey. I wish you well and look forward to discussing all matters of things with you.

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    Hi, sorry about your injury Best of luck to you

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    Hello THKent Welcome. I wish you well with the nerve pain and meds. I hope you keep your doctor informed and look for other options.

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    What dose of Neurontin?

    Have they tried Lyrica?

    Have you had a trial of TENS?

    Are you working with a good physiatrist?

    You are not a military veteran by any chance are you?


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    All I have to say is WOW, you are so lucky you got so much back. That burning pain you're feeling in your hands I have all the way down my legs and in my feet and very solidly on my butt. There are all sorts of drugs that can help you with that but none of them have really helped me. I've learned to live with it the best I can. Considering how lucky you are to have gotten back what you gotten back, I'm sure you'll find away to live with it if you can't find a drug to fix it. I hope you find something to help but at the same time I hope you understand how lucky you are to have gotten back what you've gotten back.
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    Welcome!You are lucky & hopefully over time will regain more.Either way you're at a loss & I wish you well in your journey.I don't have nerve pain in my hands but the only thing I've found to semi=help elsewhere is Lyrica.Do note though,nerve pain usually gets worse w/ time.Probably not a heads up you wanted.Good luck.

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