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Thread: Picture album for a birthday present

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    The picture selection is the 1st step for doing it either way anyhow.

    But I still think doing it w/ your g'daughter would be the best. Print the pictures, and then just get it started enough so she knows what the finished product will be like, and spend time together.

    I've been going thru pictures 3 days, all day long.
    Finally got them ordered 6:30 pm last night, right before the 10 cents deadline ended.
    275 pictures and I still didn't get all I wanted.
    I bought a nice 12x12 scrapbook at the Dollar Geberal for $9.
    Plus a few decorations for the pages and 2 pkgs. of different colored paper.
    Tomorrow I'll pick up the pics and get a roll of stuff you stick the pictures down with. My pca told me what she uses.
    What should I use to attach the pics to the pages?
    We'll have to do most of this together. I don't have time for my pca's to help that much. It's a project! But it's gonna look great!
    Thanks alot! I know she'll love it!


    In picking pictures, sometimes you might even pick some where part of the picture is good - but part not. If you're doing the scrapbooking album, you can always cut out just part of the picture - like a face as a circle for example, eliminating the background.
    If I'd read this there were some I could have done this way. I had to remove them from my list. But I had plenty. 275 total.
    Thanks for helping. I'm excited about it.

    We're have a hard time with the kids dad.
    So I'm real busy helping them.

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    Golly, I wish I lived close to you! I would be there in a flash!!!

    I LOVE to scrapbook! The thing that got me started on it was, my friend is a c5 quad, and he lives in a rural area, and he took a large stack of photos himself, by angling the camera on his knee, and then shooting at what he wanted to take, without ever getting to look into the lens. They were AWEsome photos!!! And he told me..."when you look at these, you can just throw them away!"

    Not a chance was I going to do that, so instead, I found a tiny scrapbook store, went in, learned what a scrapbook page was, and got started making pages for him...and gave him the scrapbook as a gift. He had a blast looking at how I had interpreted his photos...and told me that I had given him a gift that would last a lifetime.

    Anyhow...that's how I got started into this...and I have so much scrapping stuff that you would not have had to buy one piece of paper...LOL.

    If you get stuck on a layout, and want some advice, you can PM me and I will try to help...

    So glad you are sharing this hobby with your granddaughter!!!

    Other things you can add to the scrapbook are family traditions, a special recipe, favorite places, etc...

    It doesn't have to be all about just photos...the sky is the limit...

    Prayers for you and your family Mona...

    Take care!


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    Lots of pics - it should be great.

    Many people use the little squares that come in a roll made especially for scrapbooking. I found that a little fussy, and expensive, and used the glue sticks that are acid free (elmers I think). With my books, the paper and pictures were inside plastic sheets, so the pics wouldn't come loose easily. If I wasn't doing that, I might consider the litle scrapbooking two sided sticky squares.

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    The glue stick would be better for your fingers Mona. I like the sticky squares, but find them fussy even for me. They need a lot of dexterity. The glue stick is simpler, just be sure to get one meant for photographs. And the plastic cover sheet helps keep them from coming off as well. I did one album recently w/OUT the sheet, and had trouble getting pictures on securely enough. (I was actually adding to an old album, so didn;t have a choice on the pages.)
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    Wow! Cool Teena! What an Awesome gift!
    I bet he did love it alot! I would.
    Also a neat way to take pics by your friend.
    That's great adding other things.
    I know her mother has newspaper clippings of her.
    Maybe she can blend them in.
    Thanks for offering to help. If I get stuck I'll holler.
    My ex is dying and things are on hold.

    Thanks Tam & SJean.
    I bought 2 boxes of squares. Big Lots $1 @
    I have a glue stick already so I'll try it first.
    I picked up the pics & they came out beautiful!!! Her mom has a great camera.
    I'm kinda on hold with Don so sick.
    I'll start soon though.


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