My 3 week old daughter was admitted to the hospital because she wasn't gaining enough weight and had "floppy" arms. After a few days of testing the doctors told us they found a mass on her spinal cord from C3 to T2. They then told us that it was inoperable and that she probably wouldn't make it through the biopsy because it looked like it was inside the spinal cord. Luckily for us they were wrong, once they went in for the biopsy they found that it was next to it and putting pressure on the spinal cord and were able to successfully remove all of the tumor. The pathology came back as neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that in her case needed no other treatment after being removed. Now that she has been deemed cancer free we are moving on to recovery. It has been 3 weeks since the surgery and she is now moving her legs, biceps, toes, and a little finger and wrist movement. We tried to remove the breathing tube twice and she breathed on her own for 6 hours each time but then began laboring and collapsed a lung each time. Her diaphragm and intercostal muscles work, they just need to be stronger. She has a trach and ventilator but the vent isn't doing much work and they seem optimistic that we will eventually be able to wean her off of that. She is showing small improvement all the time, but she has still not shown any movement in her triceps. I understand that C7 is where that is controlled, so if everything above and below that seems to work ok, will the triceps control concievably return? Some of her functions came back right after surgery, some took longer (we didn't notice wrist movement until a few days ago). After three weeks could there still be swelling or bleeding that would affect this? And is there still hope of her regaing her tricep function?