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Thread: sick of being paralyzed, more sick of pain

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    I have to agree with the other ladies Cass. You've been injured so long already, your body deserves a break by now. Ultimately the choice is yours though, just give it some more thought.

    ps- you've been stubborn long enough

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    Hi Cass To me pain is unbearable at times Tonight is one of them moments right now
    I am pulling a no sleep shift until I find a answer to my bodily pain . About 20 minutes ago I tried meds they didnt help yet so I immersed myself in a med school book and it eased my tension up somewhat , I just right now am literally trying my hardest not to focus on my pain and focus on anything in plain view in my room around me for a inspiration of this migraine / back pain I am enduring . My Desk is a plethora of words and important papers to sort out in the morning . I am grinding my Jaw it kills me when this happens but something on my rightside of my office soon will allure me to hopefully deal with this most monumental headache pain episode . Possibly my sd card in my digi camera will have some good picture for me to mess with or something . I am not into popping pills . I have enough body problems I need my liver and hope it lasts . I wish I had a answer to some of this most interesting post but I definitely Refocus my life around me when ever I am in pain as like now this crap sucks .
    Maybe I will write a book called Pain Crap . what do ya think ?
    Gosh someone hit me with a lead filled snowshoe before Nanook gets it .
    Gypsylady and her Migraine/ Body pain tonight .

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