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Thread: F'ing past employer didn't get me Cobra paper

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    F'ing past employer didn't get me Cobra paper

    So I go to the doc, doing really crappy get 5 prescriptions and have no coverage.

    Can't afford all the meds. Called the Gov't Agency and the company has 44 days AFTER coverage ends to send the info and it activates retroactively.

    Meantime we have no coverage and the jerks know I'm SCI am in and out of hospitals and a diabetic.

    what a bunch of a**holes.



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    I'm not 100% up on insurance laws, but I believe the employer HAS to provide you with those papers. If they didn't, you might be able to go back and still get on COBRA.
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    I hope I understand you correctly, you will get COBRA, but they have cause a delay.

    Which is bad enough of course!

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    Got it sorted. I didn't leave on great terms and somewhere in the chain it got slowed down. Spoke to head of HR who knows my situation whor emailed all the forms and will have it turned on before end of day today.

    Freaked out as I'm in process of trying to get into Mayo Clinic and they told me I had no coverage as I was sorting through the acceptance process and it looked like this was going to derail my possibility of getting in.

    Likely won't get in anyway, made it through two screens but the third who is in pain and spinal doesn't think they have anything to offer but have opened an ID# and my docs are prepping the required paperwork.



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    So glad to hear the insurance bit is sorted anyway.

    We're actually considering Mayo too - but trying to get information out of them is a bit challenging. They don't speak to us lowly non-medical folks too well lol.

    Could you possibly tell me what the screening process is like? They made it sound to us like they wouldn't give any info at all (even as to what tests are available) until we trucked up there. Wouldn't want to make the trip for nothing.

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