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Thread: Bowel prep problems and help

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    Bowel prep problems and help

    I was supposed to have colonoscopy today. They could not do procedure because there was still stool in my colon. I was having the procedure related to worsening chronic constipation.

    The prep they had me do was clear liquid diet day before, taking 1 gallon of Golytley as the clean out. I began to become concerned when it took almost 5 hours for the Golytley to start working. This is after drinking it all..I thought my stomach would explode. I was on the toilet for almost 6 hours..yet still passing stool in the AM. Apparently stool remains after all this.

    I was told there is still hard stool up in my colon, what do I do about what remains in me? All the Dr said was we will have to redo the test in about 6 weeks, at that time you will need to do a two day prep. The two day prep is 2 gallons of Golytley plus Ducolax.

    My concerns are the stool remaining in me, and any help for a bowel prep.

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    Bowel preps vary by clinician. In my practice it is a 3 days prep starting with CL 3days before and up to procedure. Day 2 is golytely and 6 tabs of bisacodyl. Evening before the procedure, tap water enemas until clear, which can also be repeated day os procedure if not clear yet.

    Some people also add 1 bottle of mag citrate day 2 and 3 but with the above prep, it is usually not necessary.

    LEt's see what others say as preps differ widely.


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