I have had 3 spinal surgeries in the past. L3/4 (Microdiscectomy), L5/S1(Microdiscectomy), Cervical Fusion C4-6. I have problems with my bladder, and have always been told that it was just damage from the surgeries. This past month my neurologist wanted to get a MRI of my T-Spine. I was shocked at what it said:

Central and right paracentral spondylitic spur formation indenting the thoracic cord at T5-T6 and T7-T8. The remaining disc spaces appear normal. No disc protrusion or extrusion. The thecal sac, spinal canal, neural foramina, and thoracic cord are normal. Vertebral bodies are normal in height and alignment and marrow signal. The rest of the bony structures are normal. No paraspinal lesions seen. Surrounding soft tissues are normal.

Impression: 1. Central and right paracentral spondlytic spur indenting the thoracic cord at T5-T6 and T7-T8. /////End of MRI///

I wonder if this could have anything to do with my bladder problems. Also is this dangerous since this appears in the "critical zone"? I am not sure because the report is not as clear as before, but does indenting the thoracic cord mean mylopathy, or could this be non-mylopathy still. I am having to wait a couple of weeks to see the neuro-surgeon again, and was just wondering if anyone out there had bladder problems with this kind of MRI results. If anyone can help put the MRI in simpler terms please do. Thanks!!!