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Thread: Favorite/Most Useful Links

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    You paid a lot for your DVDs. Make sure you never need to buy another copy.

    By Kevin Rose one
    Backup your DVDs for free

    I've purchased at least three copies of "Rage Against the Machine" over the last few years. No, it wasn't because I lost the first two. I'm really tough on my CDs. They get thrown in and out of my CD player and eventually become unplayable. The same thing can easily happen to DVDs, and that's why anyone who's tough on their media needs to make a backup for safe keeping. On tonight's 'Savers I'll walk you through the steps.

    The Screen Savers


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    Free File: Ultimate Paint

    Easy-to-use drawing program lets you work with layers, filters, and more.
    By John Duggan

    Microsoft Paint plagues Windows users. Sure, you can figure out how to use it immediately, but the basic selection of tools leaves most of us wanting more. Today Cat shows you a better option, Ultimate Paint. This enhanced drawing program has more whistles and bells than Paint and it includes easy-to-use menus.
    Call for Help


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    Free File: Restoration
    Learn how to recover deleted files.
    By Craig Higdon
    Restoration lets you scan your whole hard drive or search for specific keywords or file names. Find your file and click Restore by Copying. You should restore the file to a different drive from the original. If you select the same drive, Restoration warns you that you may accidentally overwrite the file with itself, destroying it (talk about Twilight Zone).

    Tech TV


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    Free File - LeechGet 2004

    By Dan Mitchell

    LeechGet 2004, a free download manager/accelerator, includes all kinds of amazing features. It lets you queue up to eight simultaneous downloads. When you see something you like, right-click the link and select "Download Using LeechGet." Then just sit back and watch the magic happen.

    Tech TV


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    602PC SUITE, the best alternative to MS OFFICE, has it all! The suite is composed of four full-featured applications: a word processor, spreadsheet, photo editor and photo organizer. For only $59.95, license 602PC SUITE on three (3) computers in your organization and save! The license also allows home use, FREE!

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    Free File:
    By Roger Chang
    Stream your DVDs

    Video LAN Client (VLC), possibly the last best word in freeware media players, supports all major codecs, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3, DivX, Ogg Vorbis, VCD, and, yes, DVD.



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    Download a free alternative to Microsoft Word. (Spell checker included.)
    By Sarah Lane and Phil Allingham

    "It may not have all the functions of Microsoft Word, but on tonight's episode of "The Screen Savers" we have a contender that has everything you probably want, including a spell checker.

    AbiWord, a free open-source word processing application from AbiSource, works with Windows, Linux, QNX, FreeBSD and even Solaris."

    Tech TV


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    Free File: RegScrubXP

    Clean up your WinXP Registry and speed up Windows.

    By Roger Chang
    Speed up your PC

    "All sorts of obsolete and defunct registry settings stuff up your Windows XP Registry. You, my friend, need today's free file, RegScrubXP."

    Call for Help


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    96, or i think will get you there too. great place to simply ask questions...i suppose similiar to yahoo, etc. but I use this one alot.

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    Test your CPU speed and more with WCPUID.


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