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Thread: Favorite/Most Useful Links

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    Learn about fusion, magnetism, and energy at ippex online,


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    A free open-source alternative to Microsoft Office called "OpenOffice."


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    Test Your RAM for Free
    By Scott Moschella

    Memtest86 is a free RAM-diagnostic tool that'll help breathe new life into your system.

    The screen Savers


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    Here is a great web site if you like tinkering with your operating system's performance:
    Black Viper's Operating System Guides


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    PC Annoyances
    How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About Your Personal Computer By Steve Bass
    October 2003
    There are some very good file downloads on this web site.

    Click Here


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    Useful for those who are using Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition.

    Free File: Fast Defrag
    Free up memory and optimize how your system uses RAM and the swap-file.

    Call for Help


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    It says free, but the website requires you to pay a $14 "membership fee" to download it.

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    Addendum: Nicole writes "Note: At the time "Call for Help" featured EasyCleaner, it was completely free. If you want to download the file now, you'll need to pay $19.95 for a one-year membership to the ToniArts website" Call for Help


    Thank you. I have sent an E-mail to Nicole and EasyCleaner has been removed.


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    Special thanks to Nicole at TechTV!

    Hello PN,

    The name of this file is actually EasyCleaner. After featuring it on "Call for Help," the developer began charging. We've updated the article to reflect this fact, asked the developer for permission to mirror the file, and issued an apology on the show.

    If you would still like EasyCleaner for free, please download it from one of the following mirror sites.

    PC World
    PC World download
    We're sorry for any inconvenience.


    Web producer, "Call for Help"

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    According to MajorGeeks the free version of Easycleaner is a beta, so everyone should keep this in mind when installing it.

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