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    Hi there

    Did you read any book related to living with SCI? Can you give me a feedback? Which are the must read, motivational, inspiring books related to living with SCI.

    All I read until now was Joni.
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    One book I would recomend is 'Moving Violations' by John Hockenberry. Funny and realistic autobiography.

    Another I liked was 'Will The Real John Callahan Please Stand Up?' by John Callahan. John is a TRULY irreverent and edgy cartoonist who you may remember from the animated series 'Pelswick'

    Both, I found, let you know that you're not alone and that there's life after injury. It's just all in how you look at things.

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    Check out the older threads on pages 2 and 3 of this forum for many previous discussions of these books.


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    I second Moving Violations and I want to add John Callahan's Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot!

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