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Thread: I put an island in my kitchen with a stove top instead of taking out my stove.

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    I put an island in my kitchen with a stove top instead of taking out my stove.

    I had my kitchen remodeled but I only had the counters and sink lowered a few inches for the ab's. I can roll under the sink. But the way my kitchen is made I didn't have a place for a built in oven so I kept my regular stove. The island is great because it is pretty long and I had a stove top put on it and made it very short so it fits me very well. Now I can cook and see inside the pans, pots and skillets to see how the food is cooking.
    A regular stove was to high to cook for me. Now I have 8 burners to cook on so I cook while the ab's are cooking on the other. It is great for large dinners and holidays.
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    That sounds Great. What color or surface is your countertop?
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    You should post a picture!

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