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Thread: nerve pain

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    Well mainly the blurred vision, became talkitive, talked in riddles that circled, so for me it wasn't that bad. It took close to 3 weeks before my shocks chilled.
    Seem real forgetfull, almost like my mind skips....Not sure it's the meds, hard to remember what normal is. Better than the shocks.

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    I have an intense burning in my stomach, back and left hip that no med has been able to tame. I would like to try lyrica but don't want to sink into depression.. I'm already forgetful so that's no biggy lol
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    Someone who knows what they are talking about should chime in soon but I'm pretty sure Lyrica is an anti-depressant.

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    Lyrica is an anti-convulsant.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    See told ya. Well it was an anti-something. I switched from neurontin, to lyrica and as far as I know I didn't become any more depressed than I was before. I just recently learned I'm moderately depressed, news to me. I did take nerontin and lyrica at the same time. Something to check into. Good luck Cowboys Place
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    Think of it this way. In neuropathic pain the nerve signals are going whacky and getting over-excited. Both anti-convulsants and anti-depressants help calm nerve signals. In my mind, that's how they can have an impact on neuro pain.

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    That makes sense...Thanks

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    thank you.

    Hello everyone,
    tomorrow I am going to see the doctor I am going to see what she thinks about my side effects or is that affects ha ha not sure I am going to talk to her about break through pain for those days when I am in agony. If you think about it, its barbaric to leave me to just get used to it. It hurts me inside that I can not support myself and disability told me I didn't prove my case. I had no idea I thought they would have me see a doctor to check me out they had me see a Psychiatrist and 90 mins later I felt like I was a total basket case since I was depressed and going threw anxiety I never thought about before seeing him. Three days later I called him and told him he should see a doctor because I felt really bad emotionally after seeing him. ha ha its funny how they can be so smart but have no common sense. The attorney's think I need to run to the hospital when I have pain to help build a case which is okay in theory but who's gonna pay the bill ?? I am not a negative person just can't believe what a person has to go threw to get proper treatment and a little bit for medication gas ect... I was a guy that hardly went to see the doctor healthy. Well thank you for your support and when I first used amitriptyline it worked wonders for me. take care.

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    I was searching the net and found this forum. The nerve pain was getting the best of me so any of you that felt like throwing the towel in I know what you mean. I finally found a good doc that prescribed Neurontin. This is after the Vicodin, Flexeril, Valium, Zanaflex routine. The neurontin worked pretty good but noticed the edge was wearing off and was put back on Flexeril. That combo worked pretty good. But my wife wanted me to see a Psychiatrist. Saw Dr Carl Sonder last week in Glendale, AZ. Guy is 71 yrs old and has been doing this a long time. I went to him to discuss my wifes thoughts as to me having Bipolar 2. I can be pretty wacky at times so I did not argue. Was put on 200mg of seroquel SR. Was told to stop taking the Ambien. So taking 300mg Neurontin x 3, 200mg Welbutrin and 100mg Zoloft, 200 mg Seroquel. No more Flexeril. Adding the seroquel indirectly REALLY helped with the pain. Dr Sonder said that the seroquel would help with the pain as there would be a synegistic effect with the neurontin and both would be amplified. I am afraid to go and work on my Firebird in the garage as I am enjoying being pain free. I am still laying down most of the time, not working. I dont think Seroquel is being prescribed off label for pain. But anyone that has been dealing with pain for a long time and is slowly going off their rocker may present as bipolar 2 and might be able to get it and give it a shot. The side effects have been minimal and worth the risk so far as I am just not hurting all the time.

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